I started playing Creatures back in the 90's like most of the community. I've been into virtual pets/life sims for as long as I've been into video games. Giga-Pets, Neopets, The Sims, Petz 4, and many others filled my afternoons. I hadn't thought about Creatures in nearly twenty years. Then, just a few days ago, I typed in the game on Youtube to see if anybody had uploaded any gameplay. What I found was a channel called Discover Albia. The channel was started nearly ten years ago and was connected to a blog called Discover Albia. I was floored by the amount of care and enthusiasm the author, Jessica, had for her world. I learned things about the game that I never knew as a kid. Discover Albia carefully spread out the more complicated aspects of the game that I couldn't grasp back then and sparked a renewed interest in me. Once I had exhausted Jessica's channel, I went searching for others and that was how I discovered Freyla.

I typed in Creatures 1 in the Youtube search once again and changed the filter to most recent. To my surprise, I found a video posted in 2021! It mentioned some kind of festival and something called a Wolfling Run. I investigated further and found two years' worth of previous festival videos archived on the channel. I watched all of the 2020 Wolfling Run in one day and quickly signed up for 2021's. One thing leadt to another and I found myself in four different Discord servers centered around the game. When I expressed interest in playing the game again, the community was more than ready to help. It's very old and takes a little effort to get up and running. Recently the games have seen a release on Steam, fixing some bugs and creating new ones. The Beta build has been discovered recently and I'm very interested in exploring that--the Creatures 0 Norns have captured my heart.

I hope to make a significant contribution to this community one day.